“With their distinct sound, The Tinny Bennett Band uphold the guarantee that you’ve not heard anything like them.”



With their heartfelt lyrics and melodic structures, The Tinny Bennett Band have developed a distinct and eclectic sound that is utterly compelling.

With their influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and Paul Simon to The Manic Street Preachers, this is a band not afraid to draw upon their inspirations to create a sound that is familiar yet completely their own.

The band may have started as a solo outfit for Tinny but, working together as a collective force, they have been able to collate together their individual influences to create a sound that is not only catchy and punchy but is mature, well-developed and uncompromising.

The band are currently writing a number of tracks with their next release due to be unleashed to the public very soon.

Speaking about his love of music, frontman Tinny noted: “From the age of 2 I was given a guitar and I’ve never really put it down since. I didn’t come from a musical family but music has always been a big part of my life.”